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Have you just upgraded your PC or Laptop to the latest Windows 10, and if you notice the new Internet Browser has become MS Edge.  You may also notice that if you once had Portable Document Format (PDF's) that were once fill-of technical solutions below that I hope you will find or perhaps they were email-able and now the submit button no longer works, I have a solution:

If you have updated your computer system to Windows 10, and are now using MS Edge as your Internet browser, the fill-able Portable  Document Format (PDF) forms provided above will no longer work, nor can you email them.  The folks who designed MS Edge incorporated their own version of the PDF program which trumps how our forms are created.  There are two fixes:

1. Running Windows 10, and using MS Edge to open fill-able and email-albe PDF's do the following:


a.  With nothing open on your desktop, click on the "Start" icon at the lower left of your task bar, the icon looks like a small Windows emblem.


b.  Select "Settings".


c.  Select "System".

d.  From the list on the left, choose "Default apps"

e.  Scroll down to the bottom of the list on the right and select "Choose default aps by file type".

f.  Under the left column labeled "Name", scroll down and find ".pdf".  The list is in alphabetic order.

g.  When you find in the list ".pdf" (PDF File), click on the right where it says "Microsoft Edge".

h.  When you click on "Microsoft Edge", a Pop Up Screen which choices of various programs.  Choose "Adobe Reader".

i.  After you choose "Adobe Reader", close the window using the "X" at the upper right hand corner of the window.

j.  Go back to your website where your fill-able PDF file was located and click on the file.

k.  It will still open in MS Edge, however, with the PDF form open in MS Edge, click on the "three dots ..." at the upper right side of your window.

l.  Choose from the pull down list "Open with Internet Explorer".

m.  This will open your normal Internet Explorer, and the PDF file will be fill-able and email-able if it was previously designed to be emailed, a pop up screen will appear with the choices of using your "Default email application (Microsoft Outlook)", or "Use Webmail" as your default email program.  If you want to keep this setting, check the box labeled "remember my choice".

2. If you don't want to perform all of the above changes, I found if you download and install Google Chrome, the PDF's which are fill-able will remain fill-able and you will be able to email them as they are intended.  Once Google Chrome is installed, use it to visit your website forms page, download the form, complete, and email it.   You can download Google Chrome at:



Thanks for reading and I hope my technical tips above are helpful to you.

David McConnell

Affordable Web Sites 4U